Our hand hewn log siding is created from cabin logs and carrier or maul logs from barns that were hewn on two sides. These logs, once sawn, leave the natural log edge, creating a stacked log look. To complete the authentic look, hand hewn timbers can be used for corner detail.

Logs are de-nailed and the hand hewn face is sawn off 2" deep. Face sizes can be 8" up to 16" or wider.

Siding can be applied with variable chink joint and hand hewn timber corners.

2" Plank Siding

This material is usually white pine, or mixed softwood species. It will show circle saw marks and old fastener holes. It will also have the classic aged patina. Face sizes can be from 6" to 12". This material can also be used for exterior trim and fascia. Corner detail can be circle sawn timbers in the same or a similar species. Material can be placed edge to edge or with chink joints.