How to Order Reclaimed Wood

 Let us assist you in choosing the perfect wood for your project, whether you are building an entire home out of reclaimed materials, renovating a living room or kitchen, or adding interior or exterior accents.

1. Plan Your Design

General contractors, builders, and architects may contact us during the design phase for pricing and product information. Once you have your design set, send us the plans and takeoffs, and we can provide you a quote for your desired materials. We also provide design services, so give us a call if you need help designing the application of our premium reclaimed lumber.

2. Choose Your Wood

Browse our product line and style guide to choose the best materials for your project. We are happy to assist in the material selection, so don't hesitate to call or email. As reclaimed materials are unique, it's best to visit our lumberyard in person, if possible. We can also email or text you photos of our current stock.

3. Place Your Order

Because each of our products are one-of-a-kind, it is important to order your selected products right away. While we may have a similar material in stock weeks later, there is no guarantee. We will pull your order and set up delivery to your home or construction site. Remember to allow 2-6 additional weeks if you need a custom mill job for flooring, cabinets, or other finished stock. 

​Is Reclaimed Wood Right For Me?

Our materials are 100% authentic reclaimed wood from old barns, cabins, and industrial buildings around the United States. Rich with stories from bygone eras, our customers love the experience of using reclaimed wood in their homes or commercial projects. Warm tones provided by natural patina and varied textures from saw marks to hand hewn, add to the unique quality of our reclaimed woods.
American Antique Lumber

American Antique Lumber is an independently owned reclaimed lumber yard, offering reclaimed siding, beams, timbers, complete structures, flooring and mill work. Our goal is to offer the finest grade of antique reclaimed material in the United States with the highest degree of personalized service.

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