Custom-Milled Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring can be milled from just about any reclaimed barn wood in stock, but we have designed these categories to reflect the products which  yield the best flooring. All flooring is kiln dried, thickness planed, with tongue and groove and back relief.

Every flooring order is custom milled according to your specifications. Many variations are possible between our Dirty Top Flooring with 100% natural patina, to Our Clean Top Flooring with the patina removed to reveal old growth grain patterns a deep character marks such as nail stains. 

Barn Hard Oak Flooring™

M-03 Barn Hard Oak-2
M-03 Barn Hard Oak-5

Mix of Red and White Oak milled from reclaimed barn wood siding.  You can decide how much of the patina or rough texture will be removed, making this a truly custom floor. This floor has coloras ranging from golds, browns, and reds with character marks of circular saw marks and nail stains. 

Antique Oak Flooring

Antique Oak Flooring
Antique Oak Flooring

This reclaimed wood flooring is milled from reclaimed beam stock, so there is no patina surface. Since beam sizes vary, widths will also vary from 6"- 8". This floor will have a very consistent finished face texture with very few fastener holes and some nail stain. 

Antique Southern Yellow Pine Flooring


Sawn from reclaimed timbers featuring dense grain and beautiful golden-red coloration. Finished face may contain some tight knots, nail stain and fastener holes. 

Patina  Southern Yellow Pine Flooring


The reclaimed wood flooring has original patina coloring, circle saw marks, fastener holes, nail stain, some minor checking,  and knots. The surface is customized to your needs, as you decide how much of the original surface and rough texture is left on.

Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood Flooring


Reclaimed mixed hardwood flooring consists of several different species which includes, but is not limited to: Ash, Elm, Hickory, Maple, Beech and Red Oak. This flooring is cut from the center sections of cabin/maul logs and has old growth wood grain character. This is a clean top floor with no patina.

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