Industrial Softwood Timbers

Sawn timbers are sourced from old industrial buildings across America, and add a beautiful decorative focal-point element to your building. Use as-is with the original saw marks, which highlight the antique beauty and history of the piece, or resurface the timber to bring out the luster of the natural wood.


Timbers can come from textile mills in the Southeast, or warehouses in the Northeast. These structures can produce consistent material due to the high volume of wood used, and consists of Southern Yellow Pine and Douglas Fir.

Application of Sawn Timbers

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Sawn timbers used in trusses


Looking up at sawn timbers set as ceiling beams


Sawn timbers set as ceiling beams


Sawn timber beams used in a spiral staircase application


Sawn timbers set as ceiling beams


Sawn timbers set as ceiling beams

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